May 30, 2021

ESC 2021 – Gion’s Tears – 3rd

Gjon Tear's ESC song “tout l’univers” got third place in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and even won the jury voting. It currently has 5.5 mio views on youtube and over 13 mio plays on spotify.
March 9, 2021

ESC 2021 – “Amen”

Amen is the official esc song 2021 of Austria. Pele Loriano A&R’d and co-produced Austria’s eurovision entry in 2021 with the super talented Vincent Bueno.
December 9, 2020

Queen show SRF

Pele Loriano arranged all the music in the SRF Show “We will rock you”
September 9, 2020

Flip Capella – “Phone”

The new single of Flip Capella is produced by Pele Loriano and Tom Oehler.
August 9, 2020

Eva B – “America”

The new single of Eva B, produced by Pele Loriano and Dan Hammond, got 3mio views on Youtube and 2.5 mio views on spotify.
March 4, 2020

ESC 2020 – “Repondez moi”

ESC 2020 “Repondez moi” 3 million views on Youtube und 3 mio plays on spotify. Pele Loriano worked as A&R and Co-Producer on Switzerland’s Eurovision entry. The song ranked on Nr.3 in the Eurovision Odds when the event got canceled due to the Corona Pandemic.
April 10, 2019

Eurovision 2019

2019 is a very successful Eurovision year for Pele Loriano Productions. We’re proud to say that together with our partner Nectar Music we’re involved in 4 songs [...]
April 5, 2019

Isabelle A – “Crimineel”

Pele Loriano co-wrote the single "Crimineel" for Isabelle A on the new album "Sjokola" of Isabelle A. The album with the song "Crimineel" reached the 7th place in the belgian album charts.
February 14, 2019

Holly Tandy – Bigger Than Us

BBC Eurovision Eurovision Song Contest
Congratulations to Holly Tandy to an outstanding performance on UK "You Decide"
January 30, 2019

ESC 2019 UK

BBC Eurovision Eurovision Song Contest
I had the pleasure to produce the version of the song„BIGGER THAN US“ for Holly Tandy.
Great song and a great singer!
December 27, 2018

Nemo – “Hung Up” (Madonna)

Pele Loriano produced the Cover of Madonnas Song "Hung Up" for the young swiss raper NEMO. The Cover was performed during the SRF tv-show "Prince, King and Queen of Pop – die Influencer der Achtzigerjahre".
December 15, 2018

100% Schweizer Musik – Paola & Friends

Musical director of the 5th edition of SRFs successful saturday night show "100% Schweizer Musik ". Pele Loriano rearranged the greatest hits of the swiss star Paola.
  1. Devil in Me Melo Moreno 2:58
  2. Flower In The Snow Nuška Drašček 3:07
  3. Fiks mij Buurland 3:51
  4. We Just Need A Little Shem Thomas 3:42
  5. Kiosk Polo Hofer & Friends - Stefanie Heinzmann 3:36
  6. Something in the Air Alejandro Reyes 3:33
  7. Valley Shem Thomas 3:01
  8. Getting Closer To You Pele Loriano 2:56
  9. Love Right Now Alejandro Reyes 3:13
  10. Ha gmeint Sina 3:53
  11. Same Old Song Again Pele Loriano 4:14
  12. Lady In Black (Featuring Ken Hensley) Kandlbauer 4:02
  13. Reste Michael von der Heide 3:58