Eurovision 2019

Isabelle A – “Crimineel”
April 5, 2019
ESC 2020 – “Repondez moi”
March 4, 2020

Eurovision Song Contest 2019

2019 is a very successful Eurovision year for Pele Loriano Productions. We’re proud to say that together with our partner Nectar Music we’re involved in 4 songs representing the countries Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania and the UK. Apart from that we had a number of songs in different finals such as Denmark, Sweden etc.


Written at the SUISA camp hosted by Pele Loriano
Writers: Laurell Barker, Marine Kaltenbacher, Tom Oeler, Thomas Steengard
Producers:Thomas Steengard, Tom Oeler, Laurell Barker, Pele Loriano


Co-written and produced by Pele Loriano:
Run With The Lions
Written by Eric Lumiere, Ash Hicklin, Pele Loriano


Written at the SUISA camp hosted by Pele Loriano
Writers: Luca Hänni, Laurell Barker, Frazer Mac, Jon Hallgren
Producers: Jon Hallgren, Lukas Hallgren
A&R: Pele Loriano


Writers: Jon Lundvik, Laurell Barker,Anna-Klara Folin, Jonas Thander
Produced by Jonas Thander

alternative version with Holly Tandy produced by Pele Loriano
  1. Devil in Me Melo Moreno 2:58
  2. Flower In The Snow Nuška Drašček 3:07
  3. Fiks mij Buurland 3:51
  4. We Just Need A Little Shem Thomas 3:42
  5. Kiosk Polo Hofer & Friends - Stefanie Heinzmann 3:36
  6. Something in the Air Alejandro Reyes 3:33
  7. Valley Shem Thomas 3:01
  8. Getting Closer To You Pele Loriano 2:56
  9. Love Right Now Alejandro Reyes 3:13
  10. Ha gmeint Sina 3:53
  11. Same Old Song Again Pele Loriano 4:14
  12. Lady In Black (Featuring Ken Hensley) Kandlbauer 4:02
  13. Reste Michael von der Heide 3:58